Manual Handling course

Manual Handling Course

Aim: To enable individuals from commerce & industry
to assess manual handling tasks and perform these tasks using the correct
kinetic lifting techniques.

Duration: ½ Day (Approx 4 hrs)

Pre Requisites: All Candidates must be in good health
and free from injuries which may be aggravated by lifting etc.


  • Recognise the risks involved in manual handling
  • Understand current legislation regarding manual handling
  • Understand the consequences of poor manual handling
  • Conduct manual handling operations individually and in a team correctly
    using kinetic lifting methods

Course Content

  • What is Manual Handling?
  • Importance of correct manual handling
  • Relevant legislation
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Kinetic lifting methods
  • Team Lifting
  • Theory & Practical assessments  

Training Methods
Participative with practical demonstrations and exercises

Confirmation of Learning
Is achieved by both a theory and practical assessment

Site Requirements
Classroom facility with power and enough space to conduct practical
training and assessment